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Kafue National Park, located in Western Zambia, is the second largest national park in Africa and the oldest and largest national park in Zambia. It holds a fantastic array of wildlife and is ideal for visitors who want to visit wild and unexplored areas.
Western Zambia has lost as much as 90% of its elephant population in the last century due to uncontrolled and illegal poaching. In the 1960s, Zambia was home to 250,000 elephants; today around 25,000 elephants remain. The Kafue elephant population is estimated to be about 3,500 individuals and is in a state of steady decline.


In 1989, the international ivory trade was finally banned and elephant numbers started to slowly recover as a direct result. In recent years, the illegal wildlife trade has increased and populations of elephants are once again on the decline.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) has been working in anti-poaching in Zambia since 1984. The Kafue Conservation Project provides critical anti-poaching support to the south of Kafue National Park, working closely with local communities and the Zambian Wildlife Authority.


Help us support the launch and construction of the Kafue Conservation Project’s new Marine Anti-Poaching Unit (MAPU) and a newly established Special Anti-Poaching Unit (SAPU) in response to a recent upsurge in poaching incidents. The new MAPU will specifically target poachers who use lakes and waterways to enter the area and poach elephants. Funding will provide much-needed equipment, rations and supplies to these teams.


The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation has been supporting conservation work in Zambia for more than 25 years. David Shepherd, a renowned wildlife artist committed to giving back to the wildlife that bought him success, has a lifelong love of Zambia. He has been awarded the Order of Distinguished Service in Zambia for his services to conservation.

Game Rangers International was formed in 2008 by DSWF as an independent NGO in Zambia to oversee wildlife management and protection in Kafue National Park (KNP). 100% of the funds donated to DSWF for this project go to GRI to support the anti-poaching units.

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