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Elephant poaching is happening on an unprecedented scale in Mozambique due to a lack of governance, corruption and failure to put anti-poaching measures or penalties in place. A recent aerial survey backed by the Mozambique government has indicated that poachers have killed nearly half of Mozambique’s elephants, from just over 20,000 to an estimated 10,300 today, for their ivory in the past five years. Rhinos are believed to be extinct in Mozambique.

Poachers, many armed and paid by transnational crime syndicates, have in the past and continue today to capitalize on the accessibility of the Kruger National Park from the Mozambique side of its border. A largely unpoliced and uninhabited land on the NW side of Mozambique, rendered the Park extremely vulnerable to cross-border poaching raids aimed at the killing of elephant, rhino and other wildlife.

The newly established Garangani Game Reserve, located in North West Mozambique, is adjacent to the Mozambique border of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. It is an area of exceptional diversity of landscape, vegetation and wildlife.


Since 2011, Singita, in partnership with Mozambican citizens, has acquired and merged over 540 square miles of largely uninhabited land on the eastern side of Kruger National Park, within Mozambique. This new wildlife reserve, parallel to Kruger, was developed to ensure that the combined wildlife reserve would effectively protect wildlife from poaching and expand the wildlife habitat of the area. Named Garingani Game Reserve, it is one of the most important conservation projects undertaken by Singita to date, due to projected impact on the wildlife population and its protection within this area.

A newly established anti-poaching team of 30 staff patrols the area and is making significant progress in preventing and discouraging poaching, largely through making related arrests. Integral to this anti-poaching efforts is the fencing off of the area, which is close to completion.

Due to the lack of lodges in the area, there is no tourism to help support the anti-poaching efforts in the area. The Singita Community Development Trust’s intention is therefore to partner with the Reserve to maximize support provided for this strategic anti-poaching effort. Protection of the Garingani Reserve will also help strengthen the anti-poaching efforts of its neighbouring Kruger National Park.


Help us support anti-poaching efforts to help protect wildlife in the newly established Garingani Game Reserve in Mozambique. Support will help enlarge the anti-poaching team to 60 members, establish a canine unit to help track and discourage poachers, and better equip the team with high-tech equipment as well as field equipment to keep the area well-protected from the scourge of poaching.


Singita’s core vision is to preserve and protect large tracts of wilderness in Africa for future generations. Today, Singita is the trusted guardian of over half a million acres of pristine land in Africa and responsible for successful community development projects, making a tangible difference in the lives of the people living and working in and around its lodges. Singita proudly operates 12 lodges and camps, each a unique experience in its own right, in five regions across three countries in Africa.

Singita works in close partnerships with selected Trust Funds, which implement conservation and community programmes, within each of its areas of operation. It works with the Singita Community Development Trust to safeguard the newly established Garingani Game Reserve in western Mozambique.

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