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The Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem, over 2MM acres in size, harbors one of the greatest populations of elephants left in East Africa. Prior to 2010, the ecosystem was experiencing a dramatic surge in poaching due to lack of resources. Since the founding of the Big Life Foundation in 2010 by photographer Nick Brandt and conservationist Richard Bonham, nearly 2,000 arrests have been made and numerous elephants have been saved thanks to its operations. Currently, about 1,500 elephants reside in the Amboseli ecosystem.


Intense competition among humans, wildlife, and livestock for limited resources – especially water – creates extraordinary tension. During the dry seasons, elephants often turn to cattle watering points for water and end up in danger of being speared or poisoned. There are currently several water points that create conflict between man and elephants. Big Life seeks to build additional wildlife watering holes to eradicate these issues.


Help us fund the building of two separate watering points dedicated to wildlife to eliminate the conflict between humans and elephants and thus the incentive for retaliatory killings. Complete funding for this Big Life Foundation project would build two dedicated watering points for elephants in the area and supply both with water for one year.

About Big Life Foundation

Using innovative conservation strategies and collaborating closely with local communities, partner organizations, national parks and government agencies, Big Life Foundation seeks to protect and sustain East Africa’s wild lands and wildlife, including one of the greatest populations of elephants left in East Africa.

Big Life is the first organization in East Africa that has coordinated anti-poaching teams operating on both sides of the Kenya-Tanzania border. Currently, Big Life has 31 ranger outposts with hundreds of Maasai rangers conducting anti-poaching operations in over 2 million acres of wilderness. Big Life’s vision is to establish a successful holistic conservation model in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem that can be replicated across the African continent.

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Human-Elephant Conflict

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