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THIS PROJECT IS FULLY FUNDED – Thank you to the generous donation of $10,000 from the Priscilla Alexander Philanthropic Foundation and the individual donors who have supported this project!


Hwange National Park (HNP) is located in northwestern Zimbabwe, on the Botswana frontier. It was established in 1928 as a game reserve, and as a national park in 1930. It is one of Africa’s largest elephant sanctuaries and considered one of the last strongholds in Africa for elephant to be truly wild. Approximately 30,000 elephants stay in the park during the dry season.


During Zimbabwe’s tourism peak (1990’s) Hwange and its surrounding areas boasted up to 30 lodges and camps. Tourism provided employment for locals as well as significant money to fund anti-poaching, maintenance of roads and general upkeep of the park. Although the animals are still abundant today the decline of tourism has resulted in a lack of sufficient support to protect the park’s wildlife.

HNP has no perennial rivers and very little natural surface water. Most of the water has to be pumped from boreholes in order to sustain the current animal populations. The National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority of Zimbabwe does not have the funding to keep enough borehole pumps going. As a result insufficient waterholes have water and countless animals could die of thirst when the rains are poor. These pumped waterholes not only provide necessary water but also keep the elephant and other wildlife in the park further away from poachers. It also reduces the conflict with local villages where elephants could otherwise search for water.


Friends of Hwange Trust (FOH) has installed 7 solar pumps so far and plans to install another 6 over the next two years. These solar pumps effectively pump water from boreholes using solar energy. Help us fund one solar pump unit for them, which can provide water for 500-1000 elephants per day.


FOH was formed in response to the extreme drought of 2005 that severely affected Hwange National Park. Today, the Trust maintains up to 30 waterholes in the Park.

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Habitat Protection/Human-Elephant Conflict

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