Visit Current and Past Beneficiaries

Many of our beneficiary partners offer the unique opportunity for travelers to see some of their work first-hand interact closely with elephants.

Visit the elephant orphans at Nairobi Nursery of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and learn how they are giving these ivory victims a second chance at life by giving them round the clock care and reintegrating them back in the wild.

Stop and spend a few nights at the Elephant Watch Camp where you can spend time with guides trained by Save The Elephants (STE), learn about the elephant herds in the Samburu National Reserve and visit the STE research station to see how STE monitors elephant herds across Africa via Google Earth.

Or visit one of the conservation safari camps in Tanzania, Kenya or Botswana run by African Wildlife Foundation where they are working with local communities to preserve and protect elephant populations.

We recommend the next time you are planning a safari, consider taking advantage of these special opportunities.

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