About S.A.F.E. Safeguarding a Future for Africa’s Elephants

We are excited that The Bodhi Tree Foundation is embarking on such an important initiative. Singita, like many safari lodges throughout Africa, is distraught over the surge in poaching of these majestic animals in the last few years – if it continues, our children could be the last generation to view an elephant in the African wild. The tourism industry, by uniting to build awareness and provide support, can help ensure this doesn’t happen – that is what this the campaign is all about.

CEO of Singita , Luke Bailes

We must take a stand now!

The tourism industry, so strongly vested in the future of Africa’s wildlife, must use its strong global voice and customers who value our opinions and ACT NOW if we are to save the African elephant.

The S.A.F.E. Campaign aims to galvanize and unite travel businesses, organizations, and travelers to raise awareness about the current plight of Africa’s elephants and the impact poaching and the ivory trade has on the future of tourism in Africa.

The S.A.F.E. campaign, a travel initiative spearheaded by The Bodhi Tree Foundation, has two clear goals:

  • To educate and spread awareness within the tourism industry and to its customers about the poaching crisis while mobilizing the industry to take action and;
  • To provide support to key local field organizations working tirelessly to conserve elephant populations, curb poaching and stem the demand for ivory.

As elephants disappear, so too will the revenue they generate for African countries, local communities, and tour operators through wildlife tourism. We applaud The Bodhi Tree Foundation for taking a stand through its S.A.F.E. campaign in urging the tourism industry to step up and to speak out in defense of Africa’s elephants.

CEO of the African Wildlife Foundation, Patrick Bergin

An integrated campaign

S.A.F.E. website serves as a the hub for information to learn more about the poaching crisis, what travel organizations can do to help and the means to donate to the campaign.

The integrated campaign includes social media, industry events, sponsored advertising and screenings, luncheons and forums where travel industry can connect with conservation organizations and learn more about their work.

The Bodhi Tree Foundation lends its support

The Bodhi Tree Foundation, a 501c3 organization whose mission is to mobilize travelers and travel organizations to aid travel sustainability causes around the world, has already contributed $80,000 in grants to these organizations as part of the campaign launch.

100% of donations (outside of credit card and processing fees) made through the S.A.F.E. website go directly to partner beneficiaries and are dispersed quarterly so that the beneficiaries can keep their conservation, education and anti-poaching projects funded.

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The world’s wildlife is such a precious resource, but it is also a limited one. It cannot be manufactured. And once it’s gone, it cannot be replenished. And those who profit from it illegally are… truly stealing from the next generation.

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

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