Safeguarding a Future for Africa’s Elephants (S.A.F.E.)
The S.A.F.E. Campaign, a key initiative from The Bodhi Tree Foundation, is dedicated to galvanizing and uniting the tourism community to help end the dramatic rise in poaching of Africa’s elephants.

  • Did you know?Only an estimated 350,000 elephants remain in Africa, down from 1.3 million in the 1970s?

  • Did you know?Over 90% of the elephant population has been depleted in the last 50 years? 30% of the population has been decimated in the last 7 years alone!

  • Did you know?An estimated 33,000 elephants are killed each year due to the growing demand for ivory? That’s almost 100 elephants a day, One elephant every 15 minutes.

  • Did you know?Over 80% of middle class families in China admitted to purchasing ivory and intend to buy ivory in the future?

  • Did you know?Valued at $19 billion annually, the illegal wildlife trade is the 5th most lucrative and corrupt organized business in the world?

  • Did you know?The United States is the second-largest destination market for illegally trafficked wildlife in the world?

  • Did you know?Referred to as "White Gold" due to its high value in the marketplace, ivory is now worth about $1,000 a pound– more than the average annual salary in most African countries?

  • Did you know?1 out of 14 people in Africa are employed in the tourism industry to support the millions of tourists traveling to Africa annually? Without wildlife, both the African economy and the tourism industry suffer.

  • Did you know?At current poaching levels, elephants could be EXTINCT in little as 12 years?

Time is running out for Africa’s elephants.

No other industry is as dependent on the wildlife in Africa as the Travel and Tourism industry. With a powerful, global voice that is already attuned to providing opinions and information to travelers, the travel industry’s united efforts can inform and impact millions to help protect Africa’s elephants.

Developed in response to the plea of tour operators in Africa, the S.A.F.E. campaign aims to build awareness of the current elephant poaching crisis and support field-based organizations working tirelessly to combat poaching and protect African Elephant populations.

Help the fight against elephant poaching today! Click here to play the S.A.F.E. video

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